State Senator Ron Young: “I support a total ban on fracking in Maryland”

A recent letter to the editor of the Frederick News Post questioned why I co-sponsored two different fracking bills. I would like to explain. I support a total ban (SB740) on fracking in Maryland. I would like … [Read more...]

Good News, Bad News, and an opportunity for ACTION on Fracking in Annapolis!

The campaign to ban fracking in Maryland has been heating up for months, and now that we’re into the legislative session, the fight is more urgent than ever. We’ve had many historic successes, along with a couple new … [Read more...]

Brent Toderian: Don’t “Balance” Modes — Prioritize Walking, Biking, and Transit

I'm capable of saying some pretty harsh things — I'm very un-Canadian that way,” says urban planning consultant and former Vancouver chief planner Brent Toderian. "But most of the time, I would say that if a city … [Read more...]

Federated Charities offering low-cost space to small and emerging non-profits in Frederick

I’m pretty lucky and have been asked to be a part of the development of new organizations and non-profit initiatives at different points in the last 25 years (good thing too, because it’s also my career). There’s nothing … [Read more...]

City seeks to fill vacancy on Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee

Interested individuals, who live in the City of Frederick, have until February 24th to apply for the current vacancy on the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee. Mayor Randy … [Read more...]

Want to Improve Your City? Start Taking Pictures!

In Chuck Wolfe’s absorbing new book, Seeing the Better City, he encourages readers to think with our eyes and communicate with visual imagery in order to improve our cities. With the proliferation of smartphone cameras … [Read more...]

Court of Special Appeals Overturns Blentlinger DRRA!

That's right folks, the Court of Special Appeals finally ruled in favor of the hard-fighting citizens of Frederick County against the ill-advised land use and development decisions by the Blaine Young led Board of County … [Read more...]

Ten reasons to build community through urban design

There are two models for development of cities and towns. One, the neighborhood model, founded on thousands of years of trial and error, brings us closer together. We build cities that bring us … [Read more...]