100% wind power is an affordable option for you now!

Residents of Maryland and the District of Columbia have a great opportunity to support renewable energy this spring by purchasing 100% renewable electricity for their homes at very competitive rates. Because energy markets in Maryland and DC are deregulated, residents can choose their power provider. Available options include several providers which supply 100% renewable energy.


You may have received offers from power providers in the mail or by phone. If you have, you already know it can be difficult to know who to trust, or you’ve realized that, even with prices becoming more and more competitive, 100% renewable electricity can still be significantly more expensive the dirty energy that we pay for now.


Groundswell is a non-profit organization that has been bringing homeowners and organizations together, for more than five years, to pool their buying power, and negotiate more competitive prices on electricity from 100% renewable sources.

groundswelllogo260x175Groundswell gathers groups of power consumers and invites power producers to bid competitively to provide the power.

This spring, more than 1,950 households pledged to purchase renewable energy through Groundswell’s Community Power Purchase Program. The bidding process is complete. The contract prices have been set.

Potomac Edison customers can now purchase 100% wind energy for as low as 8.3 cents per Kilowatt hour through this program. That is 1.57 cents more than the standard offer from Potomac Edison for dirty electricity, but significantly less than Potomac Edison customers would pay if they purchased clean, renewable energy on their own. (Typically, rates for 100% renewable electricity for Potomac Edison customers are 10.2 cents per kilowatt hour.)

Many of us want to do the right thing and support real progress towards building a renewable energy infrastructure and future. This offer makes it affordable to do the right thing, and it takes the worry out of choosing a renewable energy provider. Groundswell is familiar with negotiating energy contracts and has the home owners interests in mind while negotiating with energy providers.


Thank you very much to the more than 1,950 people who pledged to participate in this program! Anybody who pays a utility bill in Maryland or DC can sign their home or apartment up for 100% wind power at this specially negotiated rate.

Click on this link to sign your home or apartment up for the most affordable price for 100% wind energy available on the market.

In addition, Groundswell will make a $10 donation to one of their non-profit partners for each household that signs up for this program. For instance, I work for Baltimore Yearly Meeting Camping Programs which operates Catoctin Quaker Camp here in Frederick county, but there are many other organizations that participants can choose from.

The deadline to sign up is May 23rd.


For questions and to view the full table of cost comparisons, please visit Groundswell’s Frequently Asked Questions page, or contact CPPHomes@groundswell.org or 240-342-6193.

Here is to a green energy future for Frederick County!

Groundswell training for Community Power Program leaders in February

Groundswell training for Community Power Program leaders in February

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