A millennial perspective with Blair Donald

Hello. During the summer of 2014, Blair Donald interned with Envision Frederick County, and wrote a number of columns (or blog entries) here, tackling a variety of political and social topics as she saw them relating to her generation.

  • Buying local is investing in your community - The people of the world are consuming more and more of the world. And the global economy and the internet has made it easier and easier. We are all increasingly […]
  • Local Food is part of being a conscious consumer - The world is getting smaller. Not physically, but in the ways we are connected to each other. We travel faster and farther and more frequently than in decades past. We […]
  • How Freaking Cool is Tesla? - Cars as we know them are fairly standard. They have batteries, brakes, doors, a windshield, and gasoline-fueled engines. Our automobiles have run on gasoline since the first practical gas engine […]
  • What You Should Know About Student Debt - Editor’s Note: An important goal of Envision Frederick County is to encourage people to be more informed about and engaged in civic life. Some consider our democracy threatened by the […]
  • Most Millennials are not voting, but they should! - Over the last few weeks, I have likely annoyed the pants off of most of my Facebook friends with constant updates about voting in the upcoming primaries. Those posts have […]
  • To begin, who or what is a Millennial? - There have always been differences between generations. Everyone has experienced the problems of trying to explain new technology to someone much older or an important part of history to someone […]
  • Looking forward to sharing and exploring a millennial perspective - Hi everyone. My name is Blair Donald. I am a junior at Kent State University majoring in public relations, and I‘ve been a resident of Frederick County for my entire […]