Another Year, Same Bad Idea: New Potomac Bridge

“We have had indications from Maryland that they are not opposed to discussion.”

– Gary Garczynski, N. Virginia representative on the influential Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB), which recently voted to pursue an outer beltway and Potomac crossing through the Reserve.

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(click on the image to open a larger version of it)

For a winter’s evening we bring you, once again, a tale of two counties. On one side of the river- the enduring benefits of enacting a good idea: Montgomery County’s Agricultural Reserve provides our region with open space, locally grown food and fiber and an agricultural economic engine. On the other side- sprawl breathes life into a zombie roadway proposal.

Fifteen years ago plans for a Potomac bridge crossing and outer beltway through the heart of the Reserve galvanized residents to form Montgomery Countryside Alliance, successfully, with our partners, sending the gridlock inducing project to the back-burner.

Years later and yet again we are hearing rumblings about the proposed Potomac bridge crossing and Outer Beltway, while at the same time, Virginia’s own studies have shown that the clear priorities must be the American Legion Bridge and the Rossyln Metro tunnel.

How many lives can a terrible idea have?

Facts and real gridlock solutions have not deterred those promoting this boondoggle. We understand that moneyed interests in the Agricultural Reserve may be backing the bridge proposal and that MD and VA officials will continue discussions of a potential crossing at the highest levels.

With this proposal still alive, we need to take it seriously. Collectively we can keep plans for the bridge on paper just as we did 15 years ago. We won that fight because of the commitment of local people, like you.

WAMU 88.5 News
Virginia Wants To Talk To Maryland About A New Potomac River Bridge — Again
By Martin Di Caro
December 10, 2015


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