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Caroline is the Executive Director of the Montgomery Countyside Alliance. She has the great fortune to live with her family within the Reserve south of Poolesville, has worked on environmental issues for much of her professional career. Her first exposure to environmental litigation came while employed at Covington and Burling. She then worked with a talented group of lawyers and advocates at National Wildlife Federation on a wide range of cases and issues including: Spotted Owl, Key Deer, Exxon oil spill, food policy, forest preservation and, water resources. Her passion, though, has always been local issues including protection of the Ag Reserve’s groundwater and working lands. Caroline comes from a long line of farmers and ranchers, from Pennsylvania, Virginia and Idaho.

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Yes, Virginia…is trying to revive plans for outer beltway and new Potomac River crossing

The following was sent out via email by the Montgomery Countryside Alliance. Over the years, the alliance has been diligent on this issue, working to head off any and all efforts to build a new Potomac River crossing … [Read more...]

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Another Year, Same Bad Idea: New Potomac Bridge

"We have had indications from Maryland that they are not opposed to discussion." - Gary Garczynski, N. Virginia representative on the influential Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB), which … [Read more...]

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What’s happening with the Global Mission “Mega” Church?

It was way back in 2009 when the Montgomery Countryside Alliance and other stakeholders became aware of the fast tracked proposal to construct a massive institutional facility in the shadow of Sugarloaf Mountain. … [Read more...]