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Rural quality of life jeopardized by proposed event venue legislation

If you live in the vicinity of an agricultural parcel of land, your quality of life is in jeopardy. Legislation before the County Council would allow someone to use a parcel as small as 25 acres for an event venue. The … [Read more...]

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Sugarloaf Mountain tranquility threatened again: HPC hearing on August 12th

Below is a blog entry from Doug Kaplan and an Action Alert from our friends at the Montgomery Countryside Alliance regarding the property at 2220 Thurston Road, near Sugarloaf … [Read more...]

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Sugarloaf Mountain area at risk…again!

The tranquility of the Sugarloaf Mountain area is again at risk. Last summer, Elm Tree Properties tried unsuccessfully to obtain approval for one of the largest shooting range complexes in the United States on Thurston … [Read more...]