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Ellis owns Bellwether Printing in Brunswick, Maryland, where he currently serves as a member of the City Council. He has shown his commitment to the community by volunteering his time and energy to these organizations: Greater Brunswick Area Chamber of Commerce (former president), Friends of the Library Brunswick Branch, Brunswick Planning Commission, EastAlco Citizens’ Advisory Board, Police Chief’s Advisory Committee, Downtown Business Association, Frederick County Solid Waste Advisory Committee, Frederick County Recycling Committee, Police Committee, Downtown Revitalization Committee, Brunswick Museum Board of Directors, Brunswick Economic Team, Brunswick Library Board of Directors and participates actively on the Board of Directors of the Friends of Frederick County, and on Brunswick Main Street Brunswick Economic Development Commission.

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Zero waste is a goal worth aspiring to

Zero waste? C’mon, get real. That’s impossible. There’s always going to be trash. Sheeesh, what planet are you from? Zero waste is a goal. Ending poverty, hunger and war are also goals. Just because we’re not going to … [Read more...]

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The “WTE” Incinerator Wastes More Energy than it Generates

The proposed and approved regional incinerator planned for Frederick County is also referred to as a "Waste to Energy" facility. These incinerators are not just another kind of electricity-producing … [Read more...]