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As PlaceMakers’ Managing Principal, Hazel inspires the company to deliver an exceptional product to a developing marketplace. She guides governments through zoning reforms — allowing walkable, mixed-use, compact, resilient places to develop by-right — and helps developers get things built under the increasingly prevalent form-based codes and character-based land use laws of the new economy.

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Places that Pay: Benefits of Placemaking v2

“Reconciliation is making peace with reality, our ideals, and the gap in between,” via Her Honour, Janice C. Filmon, Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba. Much of our work here at PlaceMakers is about redirecting the … [Read more...]

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Walkable in Winter

Coming in from my slow run on this morning’s packed snow, I am grateful again for my old, walkable neighborhood that tempts me out of doors, even in the cold weather. And that’s saying a lot, since I live in Winnipeg, … [Read more...]