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Jan Gardner is the County Executive for Frederick County. She recently served as State Director for U.S. Senator Barbara Mikulski. Gardner served on Frederick County Board of County Commissioners from 1998 to 2010 and as Board President from 2006 to 2010. She also served as President of the Maryland Association of Counties (MACO) in 2007. As president of MACO, Gardner worked with county governments all over the state. Gardner has been named one of Maryland's Top 100 Women three times - in 2004, 2007, and 2012. She earned her bachelor of business administration in finance and economics from the University of Notre Dame and her master of business administration from Xavier University.

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Jefferson Tech Park: Worst financial deal and biggest taxpayer giveaway!

I recently provided an update on what I consider to be the worst financial deal and biggest taxpayer giveaway in the history of Frederick County. The prior Board of County Commissioners entered into a 30-year Tax … [Read more...]

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Waste-to-Energy and Solid Waste Press Event Transcript

EDITORS NOTE: On Tuesday, July 8th, the press and public were invited to a press conference by Jan Gardner, on the topic of Waste-to-Energy, long-term planning for solid waste for Frederick County, and transparency in … [Read more...]

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Jan Gardner announces campaign for County Executive (full text of speech at rally)

EDITOR'S NOTE: On Saturday, November 9th, in front of Winchester Hall in Frederick, former county commissioner Jan Gardner formally announced and launched her campaign to be the first county executive of Frederick County … [Read more...]

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Planning for Failure …… Our Schools, Our Children and Our Future!

Planning does matter. I became involved in Frederick County government almost 20 years ago out of an interest in solving school overcrowding. The schools my children attended were surrounded by portable classrooms, … [Read more...]