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Juliana is a native of Frederick, Maryland, where she grew up playing in Rock Creek. A mother and blogger, she is an active volunteer in the community who, in addition to her environmental activities, has served for five years on the Special Education Citizen's Advisory Committee for FCPS. You can reach her at trashonthemonocacy.com

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Just Keeping Afloat

It’s just too much sometimes. Or not enough. I’m not sure which. Either way, there are times when I feel as if I’ve been flattened, or maybe just blunted, by the minuscule concerns of daily life. Add a few extra … [Read more...]

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Addiction on the Monocacy

I climbed through the pile of debris, a great mass of limbless logs, sticks, mud, and leaves driven together in a recent flood, in order to grab the Frappuccino bottle for my trash bag. It was only at the last moment, as … [Read more...]

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Pictures and stories of a girl collecting trash on the Monocacy River

EDITOR'S NOTE: I'm not sure how Juliana Sedgley's local blog escaped my attention for almost a year, but I'm glad to have discovered it now, and I'm pleased to help bring it to your attention! Below, please find an … [Read more...]