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Kimberly is the Local Policy Director for 1000 Friends of Maryland. She manages the organization’s local campaigns. She supports local advocates working to improve planning in their communities and provides technical analysis of local planning efforts. Kimberly has a master's degree in urban and regional planning and has worked as a professional planner for fifteen years. Her experience includes local government planning, most recently with Carroll County, and hazard mitigation planning for the State of MD.

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Speak up for the Monocacy River! (Wednesday, Oct. 18th)

Frederick County friends: Please show up, and speak up, for the Monocacy River on Wednesday evening (October 18th) at Winchester Hall! This is an important hearing before Frederick County’s Planning Commission. Come … [Read more...]

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The Smarter Growth Alliance for Frederick County celebrates with a Gathering of Friends

It was a great afternoon in early June at the beautiful Hall’s Choice Farm near New Market. The Smarter Growth Alliance for Frederick County hosted an afternoon gathering for the members of the alliance … [Read more...]

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Help protect Frederick County’s farming future: Repeal the ARTO!

If you oppose the development of scattered sprawl across Frederick County farmland, please consider attending the County Council hearing this Tuesday evening (at 7:00 PM in Winchester Hall) about a bill to repeal the … [Read more...]

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Introducing the Smarter Growth Alliance for Frederick County

Do you think your work, and Frederick County (and Maryland), would benefit if a diverse range of organizations that care about smart growth and the protection of our environment worked together in a more organized and … [Read more...]