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Linda is a 26-year Frederick County resident. She spent a decade as head of the Frederick County Recycling Office, before ten years in private business at Canam Steel Corporation. Among her other duties at Canam, she coordinated the LEED --Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design--reporting for the US division. Then she headed her own consulting firm which included sustainable clients/writing. She is Marketing Director for the US Composting Council, a trade group representing 800 compost manufacturers and enthusiasts across the U.S.

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Green Heroes 2017! Nominate someone who has inspired you (by October 31)

It's Green Heroes Week 2017! Green Frederick welcomes you to the first annual Green Heroes Contest, a gathering of opinions of Frederick Countians about who has inspired them both locally and … [Read more...]

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Farmers Surveyed on Composting

Survey Reveals Interest, Questions about On-Farm Composting A survey of Frederick County farmers indicates interest in expanded use of off-farm organics to make compost. The survey, done in … [Read more...]

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Compost bins for sale to City of Frederick residents

EDITOR'S NOTE: The City of Frederick is selling nice compost bins to residents for just $21.50. Click here for the short press release. Darcy Richards dropped off her order form on Wednesday afternoon and had a new … [Read more...]

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A Rough Start

It looks like our new County Council may be launching at a disadvantage when it comes to an efficient start. Pre-Pre Meeting Misunderstandings Before all seven seats were even certain (District 1 … [Read more...]

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Cow Power and Low Hanging Fruit: Organic Waste is Ripe for Capture

When it comes to solid waste and turning our trash into resources, we are truly starting to move away from the stage of low-hanging fruit. It’s time to go after that low-hanging fruit -- organics that is -- before it … [Read more...]