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Michael has been writing about ways better municipal policy can help break poverty cycles, with a focus on housing and transportation, for over a decade. His work before joining Sightline in 2018 included reporting and editing for print and web in Longview and Vancouver, Wash., and Portland, Ore., where he worked as news editor of BikePortland.org; writer for the pro-housing coalition Portland for Everyone; and infrastructure staff writer for PeopleForBikes, the largest national biking advocacy organization. He has an English degree from Grinnell College and a journalism degree from Northwestern. He and his wife live in Portland with a kid and cat, and park their car in the street.

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A Duplex, a Triplex and a Fourplex can cut a block’s carbon impact 29%

The carbon savings from 'middle housing' are voluntary, self-financing and immense. So why are they illegal? To understand why housing policy is climate policy, consider two city blocks with 18 … [Read more...]