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Rachel is the Communications Specialist for Strong Towns. She is a midwesterner currently living in Milwaukee, WI. Previously, she worked for several organizations fighting to end homelessness at the federal and local levels. She draws from her experiences living in New York City, Washington, DC, Walla Walla, WA and Minneapolis, MN to help her build better places wherever she is. In addition to writing for Strong Towns, Rachel occasionally writes for her blog The City Space and you can find her musings on Twitter @rquednau. One of her favorite ways to get to know a new city is by going for a run in it.

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Three Major Problems with Parking Minimums

Parking minimums are the strange, out-dated, and totally unscientific law that's probably languishing in your city's zoning code. They sound dull (and they are) but they're incredibly important because they have … [Read more...]

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In Praise of Street Trees!

The humble tree offers myriad benefits for the streets of our towns, says a recent blog post from the Kansas City planning studio of Gould Evans. While most people probably see them as a nice but unnecessary neighborhood … [Read more...]

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What is a productive place?

We use the term, "productive place," a lot on this site. We contrast a street, which is a platform for building wealth, with a road, which is a high speed connection between productive … [Read more...]