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Rich is the former secretary of the Maryland Department of Planning. For eight years, he served as the Secretary of Planning for the State of Maryland under Governor O'Malley. He has more than twenty-five years of neighborhood planning and leadership, working as a passionate advocate of Maryland communities and our region. Before being appointed Secretary of Planning, he worked with the Department of Planning for fifteen years.

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What should Maryland look like in 20 years?

The unfortunate events surrounding the confirmation process for the Maryland Department of Planning secretary lead to two bigger questions: What should the state‚Äôs lead smart-growth agency be doing and, even broader, … [Read more...]

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Former Secretary of Planning critical of Gov. Hogan on Red Line, Baltimore and sprawl

The following is a letter to the "Baltimore Sun" editor that was submitted on Monday, but was not run. The letter is a response to an Op-Ed in the Sun, written jointly by a Republican state senator from western Maryland … [Read more...]