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Sarah has been a regular contributor for Strong Towns since early 2016. She is an urban design nerd and community activist from Tulsa, OK. Her superpower is the ability to transform almost any topic into a conversation about zoning. When not trapped in her corporate cubicle, she explores other cities and writes about urban design and land use issues at AccidentalUrbanist.com.

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You care about the subdivision regulations, you just don’t know it (yet)

Everybody’s heard of the zoning code. Sooner or later, a developer will submit an application to rezone land near your home or business, and everyone snaps to attention. Neighborhood advocates awaken from hibernation. … [Read more...]

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The Invisible Hand That Designed Your City

Lately I’ve been thinking about the invisible forces that shape our behavior. In an era of ubiquitous access to technology, we’ve become like Pavlov’s famous dogs. One quick glance at our phone reveals a new … [Read more...]

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Want Community? Build Walkability!

Lately, I’ve been thinking about how our cities shape our habits and our lives. Prioritize car travel and parking lots, and you get places where everybody drives. Build places where it’s delightful to walk, and … [Read more...]