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Tim is a New York Times bestselling author, and a columnist for Herald-Mail Media in Hagerstown, Md. An avid outdoorsman, his prevailingly humorous writings have focused on history, hiking, animals and the environment. His early career was spent as a reporter covering legislatures in Maryland and West Virginia, as well as just about every other governmental nook and cranny imaginable. He has written for Bay Journal, Adirondack Life, Cato’s Regulation magazine and America’s Civil War magazine, and authored several books. With his wife Beth, Tim has worked to save endangered, heritage breeds of livestock, and currently raises Belted Galloway beef cattle. He lives in Berkeley Springs, W.Va.

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Wilderness connected: The case for an Eastern “wildway”

Healthy waters are dependent on healthy land. Healthy land is dependent on big, healthy forests. And healthy forests, in turn, depend not only on sun and rain and fertile soil, but also on a broad array of wildlife — … [Read more...]