With incinerator in limbo, BOCC considering disposal options

NMWDAlogoAccording to the agenda for their meeting on Thursday, Oct. 9th, the Board of County Commissioners will hear from the Northeast Maryland Waste Disposal Authority regarding possible plans of action to deal with Frederick County’s waste going forward. The Commissioners are likely to make a decision regarding the WTE incinerator contract as they consider the NMWDA recommendations.

In the Frederick News Post, Bethany Rodgers reported that there are five options to be presented, including three that involve landfilling our waste, and two that involve sending Frederick’s waste to incinerators in the region.




The least expensive option described in the Staff Report is the one the county commissioners should put in place.

It includes signing a five-year landfill contract at a lower rate than the county is currently paying. This will save money in the short term, and would give the new county executive and council the flexibility in the future to adapt to continuous changes in waste stream management paradigms.

The options outlined by NMWDA include a 25 year landfill deal, but the county should not lock itself into any particular waste disposal method or contract for such a lengthy period. With the many changes taking place in the waste/resources industry, which include methods to move toward much more sustainable models of dealing with waste (like recycling and repurposing more and more “waste” along with composting — which can handle about 35% of “waste” when we capture both yard waste and food waste) it’s vital to retain flexibility in our waste handling system.



Download the Staff Report here.

Frederick News Post article:
Projections put incineration at double the cost of trash hauling


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