BREAKING NEWS: Carroll County commissioners vote to end Waste-to-Energy partnership with Frederick County

The Carroll County Board of County Commissioners voted today to formally end their partnership with Frederick County in the development of a controversial 1,500 tons per day Waste-to-Energy incinerator.

The board’s vote included the decision to set aside $3 million to cover, as required in the contract, a portion of the costs Wheelabrator Technologies has incurred during the permitting phase of the waste-to-energy project. The requirement applies if no other county steps in to replace Carroll County, which, until now, has been responsible for 40% of the construction and operation costs of the facility.

For roughly an hour and a half, the Carroll County commissioners discussed the planned facility, the contract with Frederick County, and the risks of moving forward, but it was clear to observers that the question was only about how and when to get out, not whether or not to do so.

The commissioners emphasized that it was their intention to resolve this issue and end the county’s commitment to the project during their term in office, rather than passing it along to the next board.

For now, the $3 million will be held in the county’s Solid Waste Enterprise fund.

Stay tuned to this site for more information about this decision, and analysis about what it means for Frederick County and the incinerator.