My testimony in favor of approving the Monocacy Scenic River Management Plan

Last year, some friends and I paddled down part of the Monocacy River and saw it for ourselves. Some areas look wild and scenic, but mostly there’s not enough natural vegetation or buffer to prevent runoff, or mitigate … [Read more...]

In support of the Monocacy Scenic River Plan (SLIDE SHOW)

The following is an informative slide show, presented in support of the draft Update of the Monocacy Scenic River Management Plan You can view it three ways: 1) Scroll through the images and text below, 2) Click here … [Read more...]

Climate Change Working Group comments regarding the Livable Frederick Master Plan draft

EXCERPT: "In summary, the Livable Frederick Plan is a positive framework and a strong step forward in responsible planning – but in order to serve the citizens of Frederick County effectively, it MUST[Read more...]

Envisioning Frederick through the eyes of climate change

Climate Change is such a paradigm shifting phenomenon that, as an individual, I find it hard to imagine what I could do to have a meaningful impact. I don’t have an electric car, but I do minimize my vehicle use by … [Read more...]

This is a test blog entry

Testing … [Read more...]