Envision Conversation: Join us to learn about Frederick County Green Teams!

Much of the grassroots community work in the area of sustainability--tree plantings, compost bin training and giveaways, rain barrels and environmental education--is accomplished by a quiet but dedicated group of … [Read more...]

Envision Frederick County Welcomes Two New Board Members

Envision Frederick County welcomes two local community champions to the Board of Directors in January. Carey Murphy of Urbana and James Baker of Frederick joined the continuing members of the Board on January 1, … [Read more...]

Envision Continues to Press for Public Information

Envision Frederick County in the fall filed a Public Information Act request with Frederick County Government, the City of Frederick, and the City of Brunswick to receive any non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) that have … [Read more...]

Keeping the Food Chain Intact

One of Envision’s key tenets is public engagement and understanding to help us advocate. The Sugarloaf Aquatic event was held for just that reason-to give us the science behind what we know we need-a conservation overlay … [Read more...]

Frederick City Aldermanic Primary Forum 2021-Environment/Land Use Issues Summary

Envision Frederick County is part of the Smarter Growth Alliance for Frederick County. Our group worked with the Frederick County League of Women Voters to ask questions of the environment to the candidates. Below is … [Read more...]

As we open back up, it’s worth reflecting on what we’ve gained in the middle of this year+ of loss. We’ve unexpectedly and tragically lost loved ones; lost our health to a strange flu; lost jobs, income or ability to … [Read more...]


Thank you for making our Envision Autumn 2019 event a great success!

On Wednesday evening, September 11th, Envision Frederick County held its fourth almost-annual Envision fundraising dinner event at ThorpeWood — Envision Autumn 2019. In addition to great company and food, in a beautiful … [Read more...]

ENVISION ESSENTIALS Session IV Saturday (Local Government Day) and Session III Recap

Please take a few moments to read about this program. It might be just what you were looking for, even if you didn't know it. Join us this Saturday for Session IV: ENVISION … [Read more...]