Feeling connected to where the wild things are

I’ve been thinking lately about how some landscapes make me feel more connected to nature, and others don’t. About the role of human activity, and artistry, in landscape design, vs. the role that nature wants to play. … [Read more...]

Working with Milkweed and Monarchs

“Have you seen any this year?” My fellow gardening friends and I have been asking each other this question. Monarchs have been in the news: their numbers are down, WAY down, and we are now grappling with the possibility … [Read more...]

Bringing Nature Home: Doug Tallamy on Biodiversity

If you haven't had the opportunity to hear Doug Tallamy in person, I'm pleased to share a link to the excellent video below. Doug is a very articulate voice on the real difference each of us can make by using native … [Read more...]

On Coneflowers and Color Schemes

“This is my goal. I want all my plants to do this!” my friend Shirley announced. We were working in my front garden, and she had come across the New Jersey Tea (Ceonothus americanus). It was covered with fuzzy white … [Read more...]

A Screen Porch with a New View Every Day

My screen porch in northern Frederick County overlooks a deceptively tranquil-looking native landscape. It’s my favorite place for sipping coffee, because a few seconds into my first, morning “ahhh” I usually get a … [Read more...]

Golden Star: A Cheerful Ground Cover for Woodland Gardens

Chrysogonum virginianum, or “Golden star” to her friends, is a cheerful, hardworking garden assistant. This little 6” tall Maryland native plant prevents weeds—yes! prevents weeds!—by forming a dense mat of attractive … [Read more...]