Backyard Chickens in Middletown

Did you know that chickens are only allowed on properties two acres or larger within the Town of Middletown’s town limits?  How many properties does this actually apply to?  I wish I had a firm number, but I imagine it’s … [Read more...]

Livable Frederick: South Frederick Corridors Plan

The Livable Frederick Master Plan, adopted by the county in 2019, lays out a vision for what we hope Frederick County will look like in the decades ahead, and also offers plans for how to achieve that vision. Part of the … [Read more...]

Frederick County is Struggling to Preserve its Rural Roads

In 1977, there were more than 300 miles of gravel road in Frederick County, almost one quarter of all county-maintained roads at that time.  By 1996, we were down to 140 miles of gravel roads – a clear indicator of the … [Read more...]

Do a Superfund Site and a City Road Go Together? Learn Why Not

City of Frederick planners are proposing a four-lane, 50 mph road to run through Fort. Detrick’s Area B, the same Area B that is home to a Superfund in the middle of the City of Frederick. Fort Detrick Area B  … [Read more...]

Smart Growth America report: Measuring Sprawl 2014

Smart Growth America recently released a report entitled Measuring Sprawl 2014. It's an update to an important and highly respected report the organization released twelve years ago: "Measuring … [Read more...]

The many benefits of street trees and urban greenery

We humans have an intrinsic emotional need to connect with nature. The eminent biologist E. O. Wilson first called this need “biophilia,” and the term has stuck. Yet cities also, and fundamentally, need the structure … [Read more...]

Final Monrovia Town Center Public Hearings: April 23rd & 24th

Commissioners President Blaine Young said "his" hearings would be done in one night. How about three nights down and we're not done yet! We go back to work at 6:00pm on Wednesday April 23rd at Winchester Hall. … [Read more...]

Controversial Monrovia Town Center comes down to final…and vital…public hearings

On April 8, 9 & 10, the Frederick County Board of County Commissioners will hold another in the series of public hearings that have witnessed many hundreds of people voice their displeasure about the proposed Monrovia … [Read more...]