Potomac Conservancy asks you to take action to support Frederick’s forests!

Dear Friend, County Executive Gardner is working to protect Frederick's forests. Will you help get Frederick's Forest Resource Ordinance (FRO) back on track? Your local waterways, including the Monocacy … [Read more...]

To fight global climate change, fight global sprawl

The drive-through lifestyle, exported by America and adopted worldwide, is the "operating system for growth" that is a root cause of rising carbon emissions. A few years back I conducted a little … [Read more...]

Catoctin Group of the Sierra Club sponsors The John Muir Scholarship for Frederick County students

The John Muir Scholarship was created to support Frederick County students who wish to pursue a conservation or environmental field of study. We believe there is nothing more important than investing in our young … [Read more...]

The dumbing down of Smart Growth will fail to preserve MD landscape

If you’re not yet worried about Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan’s abandonment of Smart Growth, you might want to read a new study on how Dumb Growth could cost Frederick County taxpayers some half a billion bucks. First, a … [Read more...]

Emmitsburg Mayor Donald N. Briggs has been awarded MDLCV’s first President Theodore Roosevelt Award

I am excited to share with you our announcement that Emmitsburg Mayor Donald N. Briggs has been awarded the organization’s first annual President Theodore Roosevelt Award, acknowledging the communities’ … [Read more...]

We were made for walking. The places we live? Not as much.

Few things in life relieve stress, instill creativity and boost health and more than taking a stroll. “Walking is a man’s best medicine,” Hippocrates declared in the 4th Century BCE. “To solve a problem, walk around,” … [Read more...]

Green Heroes 2017! Nominate someone who has inspired you (by October 31)

It's Green Heroes Week 2017! Green Frederick welcomes you to the first annual Green Heroes Contest, a gathering of opinions of Frederick Countians about who has inspired them both locally and … [Read more...]

Gentrification is primarily A failure of government & terminology, not developers

Engineers often have to deal with conflicting constraints. For instance, an aircraft designer might be told that a new airplane must be both faster and more fuel efficient. Some will tell you that resolving conflicting … [Read more...]