Maryland Senate gives final approval to fracking ban

With governor's signature likely, state to become second in nation with natural gas reserves to prohibit drilling practice. Maryland’s Senate gave final approval Monday night to a permanent ban on … [Read more...]

Great idea: Missing middle housing

Increasingly in demand today, missing middle housing forms the backbone of the quintessential American neighborhood. In celebration of the upcoming CNU 25.Seattle, Public Square is running the … [Read more...]

An opportunity to weigh in on the next Frederick County budget!

EDITOR'S NOTE: The following is excerpted from Frederick County Council member Jessica Fitzwater's most recent newsletter. She regularly publishes an excellent e-newsletter with good information about … [Read more...]

Failure to act (like professionals)

I'm a licensed civil engineer. As an undergrad at the University of Minnesota, I was offered the opportunity to join the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) at a student membership rate of $25. My class was told … [Read more...]

Meticulous new analysis confirms that close-in land development reduces driving

A large body of city planning research published over the last two or so decades has demonstrated consistently that close-in real estate development produces less driving than does outlying development far from city and … [Read more...]

Reprise: Native plants better, cheaper than lawns

EDITORS NOTE: This is a republication of a column I wrote for the Gazette on December 4, 2003. Since then, more people have moved to reduce lawns, cultivate more native plants, and avoid lawn fertilizers and pesticides. … [Read more...]

Letter to council president Bud Otis about three major developments

The following letter was sent to Frederick County Council President Bud Otis, from seven local organizations. EXCERPT: "It is difficult to see how the Livable Frederick process can be effective in … [Read more...]

Watershed Workshops scheduled for Thurmont, Walkersville and Urbana

Do you want to learn more about water quality challenges facing the Monocacy River Watershed and what you can do on your own property to protect our water resources? What's a watershed? How does a stormwater … [Read more...]