Best laid plans: East Street Corridor Small Area Plan approved

It passed with little fanfare the other day, but the city finally approved the East Street Corridor Small Area Plan. Meant to guide future growth and development along East Street from Interstate 70 to 14th Street, the … [Read more...]

County Argues Against Young/Delauter/Shreve DRRAs in Blentlinger Appeal

With all of the terrible news of the last few days, I wanted to share something positive. When the Court of Special Appeals (COSA) over-turned the Blentlinger Development Rights and Responsibilities Agreement (DRRA), it … [Read more...]

Just Keeping Afloat

It’s just too much sometimes. Or not enough. I’m not sure which. Either way, there are times when I feel as if I’ve been flattened, or maybe just blunted, by the minuscule concerns of daily life. Add a few extra … [Read more...]

County Executive Gardner Proposes Legislation to Improve Forest Conservation

County Executive Jan Gardner is taking the initiative to strengthen the Frederick County Forest Resource Ordinance in the face of a continuing and substantial decline in the amount of forested land in the … [Read more...]

Jefferson Tech Park: Worst financial deal and biggest taxpayer giveaway!

I recently provided an update on what I consider to be the worst financial deal and biggest taxpayer giveaway in the history of Frederick County. The prior Board of County Commissioners entered into a 30-year Tax … [Read more...]

Great idea: The public realm

More and more people are appreciating that architecture and urban design of streets and public spaces have the power to connect, engage, and inspire all of us. Complete streets are more than bike … [Read more...]

Assessing the Tree Canopy in the City of Frederick

For clean air and water, energy savings, and overall health, the city of Frederick has a goal of 40 percent tree canopy coverage. Tree canopy, the layer of branches, stems and leaves that cover the ground when viewed … [Read more...]

Presentation (Aug. 1): Ron Kaltenbaugh on Climate Change: Science, Impacts, and Solutions

Please join us on Tuesday evening, August 1st, at the new McClintock Distilling Company, in downtown Frederick, for a free and informative presentation and discussion with Ron Kaltenbaugh, of Jefferson, … [Read more...]