Presentation (June 20th): Livable Frederick and East Frederick Rising

Join us on Tuesday evening at the new McClintock Distilling Company, in downtown Frederick, for a free and informative presentation and discussion about Livable Frederick and East Frederick … [Read more...]

Panel Discussion: “Advancing the Public Interest for the People of Frederick”

Please check out the media advisory below, and consider joining us for a lively conversation, at Winchester Hall, between Jan Gardner (County Executive), Ron Young (State Senator), … [Read more...]

Trout in the Classroom

Middle school students are getting a chance to see firsthand how healthy ecological systems maintain quality of life by raising trout in the classroom and eventually releasing these fingerlings, as the young fish are … [Read more...]

Smart Growth America’s “(Re)Building Downtown”

Smart Growth America is a great resource for any citizen, planner or elected official interested in planning and development and land use. About a year and a half ago, Smart Growth … [Read more...]

Why Greenspace is different from a Park

It's nice to be outside and among nature, especially this time of year. For urban residents, access to nature is particularly important because it's not as easy to come by. And the way we provide nature in cities is … [Read more...]

Great idea: Form-based codes

New urban codes have allowed cities and towns to code for complete neighborhoods and public spaces as shared-use places. Since the middle of the 20th Century, zoning has been a force toward … [Read more...]

Is placemaking a ‘new environmentalism?’

If our approach to environmentalism should be "new," so too should our approach to urbanism. Can placemaking – in short, the building or strengthening of physical community fabric to create great … [Read more...]

Addiction on the Monocacy

I climbed through the pile of debris, a great mass of limbless logs, sticks, mud, and leaves driven together in a recent flood, in order to grab the Frappuccino bottle for my trash bag. It was only at the last moment, as … [Read more...]