Celebrate the successful citizen campaign that defeated the incinerator!

It was about nine years ago that citizens in Frederick County (and Carroll County) began working — and fighting — against the proposed 1,500 tons per day, regional mass burn incinerator that was eventually planned and approved for the bank of the Monocacy River, overlooking the Monocacy National Battlefield Park, about three miles from downtown Frederick.

The citizen-driven effort was remarkable in many ways, not the least of which is that it persisted and grew over those years. But also for the detailed and insightful research and analysis about the immense costs and serious long term financial risks; about environmental effects and public health concerns; about how it would create a disincentive to seriously improve recycling and composting; and so much more.

The increasingly organized network of concerned citizens reached out to experts in solid waste and resource management from around the county, and even other countries. They educated county voters and local media and elected officials about both the myriad problems and risks in the one hand, and, on the other, the many and real alternatives and options we had if we wanted to take a less financially risky and more environmentally responsible path.

For almost a decade, through frustrations and setbacks, the commitment and effort only expanded.

And today, the idea of a major incinerator in Frederick County is dead.

And that is worth celebrating!

Please join the folks from the No-Incinerator Alliance and Waste Not! Carroll on March 8th as we celebrate that important victory for our community, as well as the citizens who worked so hard and never gave up, who attended meetings and spoke out at hearings and participated in rallies, who wrote letters to the editor and called in to local radio stations, who did research, who gave up evenings or Sunday afternoons to plan and organize — who cared, got informed and involved, and made a real difference!


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