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The Frederick Extra at, and on Facebook as The Frederick Extra, is an online news site launched on Oct. 13, 2016.


I decided to take the plunge because I am a seasoned reporter with a stack of stories to tell and no place to tell them.

An online newspaper, The Frederick Extra, offers real reporting and informed opinion. The Frederick Extra covers the stories you aren’t reading in your daily paper, or cover the ones you are reading in a more profound way.  

The Frederick News Post has respectfully given The Frederick Extra its due when following up on one of my breaking stories, including the student data breach.

Journalistic rigor, reporting on complex issues and going the extra mile for the real story, is fast becoming obsolete. News is reduced to clickbait and easily digestible bites as newsrooms continue to shrink. Frederick and Maryland lost a critical and respected voice when the Gazette papers shuffled off to dead paper land.


I am the publisher, primary writer, editor and janitor for The Frederick Extra, but have relied on some very talented contributors for opinions, stories, photographs, illustrations, and IT help.

The online site is updated as new stories roll in. As essentially a one-woman band, I am trying to bring fresh content as often as I can, but recognize that I need to up the pace.

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