City of Frederick Planning Commission has vacancy to fill

The City Frederick has a vacancy on the city’s Planning Commission, and is looking to fill it in the next month or so.

The vacancy was created by the resignation of Josh Bokee, who was elected to the Board of Alderman earlier this month. Bokee and the rest of the Board of Aldermen will be inaugurated on December 12th.

The Planning Commission plays a significant role in managing land use and directing growth in the city. If you are a city resident and think you might be interested, here is a short AND useful excerpt from an excellent document entitled “PLANNING COMMISSION DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES:”

The local governing body creates the planning commission and has the authority to specify powers, duties and functions of the planning commission. The governing body sets the conditions and amounts of expenditures for use by the planning commission, and it also provides the funds, equipment, and accommodations necessary for the work of the planning commission.

The local governing body and the planning commission share the responsibility for directing future growth in the jurisdiction. In many cases, the planning commission makes recommendations to the local legislative body, and the legislative body takes final action on adoption of plans and ordinances. In some jurisdictions, the planning commission makes a final decision on applications for site plans and subdivisions. This means that the members of both the planning commission and local governing body should be prepared to work collaboratively, and maintain a regular flow of information.

You will also find it helpful to review the City of Frederick’s Planning Commission Rules of Procedure:

A variety of additional information can be found via the links below.

If you would like to apply for this position, please send a resume and letter of interest to Phyllis Hane, legislative clerk, 101 N. Court Street, Frederick, MD 21701 or email by 4:00pm on Friday, December 6th.

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