Climate Change Working Group: Information and Resources

Over the next month or two, we will selectively be adding links to a variety of information about climate change. As we do, this page will be converted into a larger section with sub-pages dedicated to different categories of information and resources.

In the meantime, here are a few links we hope you will find informative and valuable:

Maryland Commission on Climate Change
“During its 2015 session, the Maryland General Assembly codified the MCCC into law, officially charging the Commission with advising the Governor and General Assembly “on ways to mitigate the causes of, prepare for, and adapt to the consequences of climate change”. The MCCC is chaired by MDE Secretary Ben Grumbles and consists of 26 members representing State agencies and legislature, local government, business, environmental non-profit organizations, organized labor, philanthropic interests and the State University system.”

2017 ANNUAL REPORT from the Maryland Commission on Climate Change (pdf file)
“This report includes an update on the science of climate change; how the changing climate is already impacting Maryland’s ecosystems, infrastructure, and socioeconomic framework; and how the changing climate is expected to impact the State in the future. It culminates in progress being made to address the projected changes and the State’s emission reduction requirements at various points along the timeline, and the Commission’s recommendations to the State and State agencies to continue the path forward. In order to protect the State’s economy, the local environment, and the health of Maryland’s citizens, it is crucial that the State maintain its aggressive course of mitigation and adaptation actions. At the same time, it is important to remember that climate change is a global problem, and Maryland’s programs and policies must be part of a larger climate action plan to be broadly effective at preventing many of the costs of unmitigated climate change to the State.”

2017 Annual Report Summary (two page pdf file)

Commission Fact Sheets from the Maryland Commission on Climate Change
“These fact sheets may be downloaded and used to communicate the work of the MCCC and information about the effects of climate change on Maryland.”