County Executive Jan Gardner and transition teams asking for suggestions

A page has been set up on the new Frederick County website for the purpose of encouraging and receiving suggestions and/or other feedback from county residents as we make the transition to a new form of government and a new administration.


From the site…

Frederick County Executive Jan Gardner and her transition teams welcome your input and feedback for a new era in Frederick County governance!

The transition plan consists of a government organization transition team and four issue-based leadership teams. These teams bring together a diverse group of community, business, education, and non-profit leaders to provide new energy, ideas, and enthusiasm to the issues for the benefit of our entire community.

The government transition team is charged to review the structure and organization of county government and the county executive’s office under our new form of charter government.

Four leadership teams have been established on key issue areas including education, jobs, senior citizens, and community needs. Leadership teams will be short-term standing committees that will be charged to develop ideas, priorities, objectives, and desired outcomes in their specific issue area. These ideas, goals, and outcomes will form the basis or foundation for a blueprint for a four-year plan.

This online suggestion forum provides an opportunity for the public to be heard and for all ideas to be considered.

Go here:

…to find a form you can use to send your suggestion(s).

You can provide your name and contact information or make a suggestion anonymously. There is also a phone number and address if you want to submit a more detailed response and/or include an attachment or other background information.

Please note that your suggestions do not need to fit within the four categories covered by the new (and temporary) leadership teams (education, jobs, senior citizens, and community needs).


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