David Gray announces candidacy for County Executive of Frederick County

EDITOR’S NOTE: County Commissioner David Gray had planned on announcing his candidacy for County Executive of Frederick County on Tuesday evening, at the rally before the important BOCC public hearing about the controversial Monrovia Town Center. Winter weather intervened, however, and the hearing was postponed. We are pleased to publish the text of the brief remarks he was going to share.

First, though, here is the basic biographical information on the Frederick County website:

David P. Gray was born in Canton, Ohio, in 1939 and made Frederick County his home in 1976. He and his wife, Sharon, have raised seven daughters and now have 15 grandchildren.

Mr. Gray received his bachelor of electrical engineering from the University of Delaware in 1963. He worked as an engineer until 1989 when he went into business with his wife as a tax consultant. He has continued studies in business law, accounting, computer networking and corporate and individual tax analysis regularly. He is a licensed NASD Investment Representative and has achieved the status of an Enrolled Agent with the IRS. As an Enrolled Agent, he may represent clients for all tax matters before the IRS with the same privileges as attorneys and CPAs.

Mr. Gray served on the Planning Commission from 1979 to 1990 and then served as County Commissioner for three straight terms from 1990 to 2002. He was President of the Board of County Commissioners during his 1998 to 2002 term and served as Vice President from 2006 to 2010.

David Gray

David Gray

Today I am announcing my candidacy for County Executive of Frederick County.

As we look forward to a new style of government it is well to remember a familiar quotation from the Bible – namely Proverbs Chapter 29:18 –- “Where there is no vision the people perish but he who keeps the law is blessed.”

Since I was first elected in this county, I have interacted extensively with citizens and it has become clear to me that our citizens share a vision for this county that has roots in its past, action in the present and optimism for the future.

That vision includes caring for citizens less fortunate – be they young, old or in between. Evidence of the county’s vision is reflected in prior county budgets. They have long reflected broad support for education, charities and our unique history of support for indigent elderly through Citizens Nursing Home and Montevue Assisted Living.

I know our citizens also share a firm commitment to the present and future preservation of Frederick County’s waters, beautiful farm lands, environment and quality of life. No caring citizen looks forward to traffic gridlock and overcrowded schools. We want our neighborhoods, our farmland, our environment, and — yes — our very way of life to continuously improve for the generations to come. It is our responsibility!

In the past three years we have had leaders who apparently care not for this vision. Their indifference and animosity to citizens is obvious. Their attack on people that are vulnerable started in early 2011 with the abolishment of half of Head Start classes giving two days notice to teachers and students. The systematic withdrawal of support from virtually all charity groups was next. The culminating act was the sales contract of the Citizens Nursing Home and Montevue Assisted Living Center, and the elimination of the Board of Trustees.

Simultaneously they attacked the environment, neighborhoods and our future way of life thru re-zonings, ordinance changes and by giving tens of millions of dollars of financial relief to developers.

This is all being done under the guise of “it is what I was elected to do. It is what I promised.” No one voted for, and no one promised they would dismantle the way of life in Frederick County as they have done. People voted for changes to be made, expected they might not like some of them, but never wanted to be bullied and left out of the process. Where is the vision?

There is only one way to stop this.

We need a County Executive and County Council with the same vision as its citizens.

The Executive will manage and represent the county, set the tone, establish policies, and propose the budget. The County Council will have seven members with the power to initiate legislation. Zoning and planning issues are legislative matters. Four votes is a majority for passage of legislation, the County Executive may veto the legislation, and five votes can overcome the Executive’s veto.

By February 24th there must be at least seven candidates for County Council in each party who are dedicated to serving the people and there must be executive candidates in each party that share the citizen’s vision. I urge you to help find and support these candidates.

As a county commissioner for over 19 years, I have remembered why I was elected and who elected me. I have kept faith with the principles I first stated upon entering public service as a Planning Commissioner in 1979. My goals have always been to support:

• True Public Involvement in decision processes

• Strong Growth Control with vigorous citizen participation

• Outstanding Schools with quality well paid teachers

• Respect for the Environment

• Promotion and Encouragement of Small Business

• Tough Ethics Laws strongly enforced

I would appreciate your support in the Republican Primary for County Executive.

Thank you.

David Gray

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