Direct Seeding and Transplanting in Early Spring

Today is a beautiful, sunny day… at last! It’s also March 20th, which means it’s time to get some seeds in the ground.


I’ve attached a video blog entry below to show you some of my techniques for starting your seeds.

In the video, I talk about direct seeding, which simply means planting your seeds directly in the soil, as well as transplanting, which refers to starting your seeds indoors with a simple florescent lighting rig.

douglittlearugulaseedsPlanting seeds is a simple thing to do. It just takes seeds, potting soil and/ or your actual garden soil.

You can buy seeds form a number of places. I like to use Johnny’s Select Seeds, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, High Mowing, Southern Exposure Seed Exchange and Meyer Seed Company right here in Baltimore.

I’m attaching an image of the spreadsheet I put together this season with a variety of plants, estimated planting dates, row spacing suggestions, days to maturity, etc.

Feel free to use it for your own planting this season.


One correction with the video. When I’m talking about the appropriate winter day lengths for proper plant growth, I say 10 days as apposed to 10 hour days. So when you see that, just make the correction in your head. Hope this video is helpful. Happy planting!

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