Don't believe the hype! The basic facts about recent county budgets in a simple graphic

The budget is the most important task of a county commissioner, as it will be for the first county executive. Investing the tax revenues from county residents and businesses is a serious responsibility, and the county budget should reflect the priorities and values of the broader community. As you would expect, the final, approved budget is a complicated document. But here are a few fairly uncomplicated facts…

FACT: The Blaine Young led Board of County Commissioners has increased the county budget every year!

FACT: The FY2014 county budget was the largest budget in Frederick County history (even without the Fire Tax consolidation).

FACT: Frederick County tax rates AND tax revenues have never been higher than they are right now.

FACT: Commissioner Young boasts of cutting fees and taxes, but most of the fees and the ONLY tax cut have been for developers (and, when the Excise Tax for road improvements required to support new development was reduced to zero, the cost of those necessary improvements was passed from developers to county taxpayers.


General Real Property Tax Rate for the first seven of the nine years shown: $0.936

Income Tax Rates for all nine years shown on the graph below: 2.96%

The General Real Property Tax Rate was increased $0.128 in FY2014 when the Fire Tax was consolidated into the county general fund ($0.936 + $0.128 = $1.084). The Fire Tax District Rates have been eliminated. (The result of that change was a tax increase for roughly 20% of county homeowners, and there was no net change for everyone else.)

BONUS FACT: The final budget of the Jan Gardner led Board of County Commissioners was barely higher than the last budget of the Board of County Commissioners that preceded it. The Gardner board, which did not increase taxes in four years, was also the only board with budgets that actually reduced the size of county government, as measured by spending — something it did two years in a row, while cutting approximately $38,000,000.00 from the county budget.

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