Envision launches an ongoing series of nature photography galleries and essays

fernyellow260wEnvision Frederick County is pleased to announce that we will be presenting an ongoing series of guest blog entries on this site featuring local photographers.

More often than not, the photo galleries and essays will highlight the beauty and diversity of the nature and landscapes of Frederick County, but will also include contributions that emphasize the people and communities of our historic and evolving county.

The entries will include photo essays from individual photographers, and compilations of images from a number of photographers, which might be focused on a particular subject, season or place or event in our county.

In many instances, the photos will be presented with relatively little text, while in others they will accompany more expansive text about the subject, or, in others, about the photography itself.

We have a lot of excellent photographers in our community — amateurs and professionals. We are looking forward to sharing some of their fine images with a broader audience.

When these local photographers have websites or Facebook pages where they share their work, we will include links for you. Please check out more of their photography…and “Like” their Facebook pages!


We’re kicking off this addition to our website with a set of lovely nature photos from Thurmont resident, John Zuke.

John captures a lot of beautiful and engaging images from a variety of larger county parks and other natural areas, but what is notable about this collection is that they were all taken during his morning walks in the town of Thurmont.`

Entitled “Little treasures from my morning walks in Thurmont,” these sixteen images reveal the beauty that is found all around us…if you look.

Enjoy…and come back to view more collections from other county photographers as we add them!

And, finally, for now, if you would like to suggest a photographer, or a subject, or whatever, please send me an email: kai.hagen@envisionfrederickcounty.org