Looking forward to sharing and exploring a millennial perspective

Hi everyone. My name is Blair Donald. I am a junior at Kent State University majoring in public relations, and I‘ve been a resident of Frederick County for my entire life.

blair_donald_500x650This summer I will be interning with Envision Frederick County, and as part of that I’ll be writing a series of blog posts about a variety of political and social topics as I see them relating to my generation.

Oh, the Millennials — a generation as apathetic as they are tech-savvy. But are they really either of those things? I’d like to explore that a bit.

I want to understand how my generation reacts to things today, in part because it is a good indication of how we will act as we become the leaders in our communities. I want to flesh out the idea that Millennials don’t care and aren’t involved, and why so many think their opinions don’t matter.

And I hope to engage some of you in the discussion.

I’m looking forward to exploring how current events — and local events — relate to you. Along the way, I hope some of my writing helps explain a bit why these events and issues matter.

Most of all, I hope to encourage and inspire other Millennials to pay more attention, get more involved, and take action. We will be dealing with this world for many decades ahead, after all.

Thanks for reading, and feel free to leave an idea for a blog topic in the comments. I’m excited to start writing.