FACT meeting ignores the elephant in the room

Monday morning, the Frederick Area Committee for Transportation (FACT) held their regular monthly meeting. As reported in the Frederick News Post, a discussion about the recent FACT letter supporting the controversial Monrovia Town Center was on the agenda.


I attended the meeting, hopeful that the members of FACT would engage a serious and thoughtful inquiry and discussion about how the letter came to be drafted and submitted to the Board of County Commissioners, on the last day of public hearings about the Monrovia Town Center, as an unequivocal and blanket FACT endorsement of the massive development, without ever having been discussed or voted on by the members of FACT.

But that didn’t happen.

Under “Old Business,” the agenda included “Letter to BOCC concerning MTC Public Comment,” and under “New Business,” was “FACT policy for providing public comment.

If you are not yet familiar with why the FACT letter ought to be the basis for more than a preliminary discussion about whether or not and how to establish a new policy or guideline about how such letters will be vetted and approved by the members or the executive committee in the future, please take a moment to read this recent guest column by Steve McKay, President of RALE – Residents Against Landsdale Expansion (RALE):

Monrovia Town Center – When is a FACT NOT a Fact?
June 5, 2014

…and this short and excellent editorial from the Frederick News Post:

Misrepresenting the FACT: Strong response needed from transportation group for misuse of its authority
June 6, 2014

You can also see the original letter here (click on the image to open a larger version):


I couldn’t agree more strongly with the News Post editorial, which clearly stated that “FACT’s leadership must issue a strong response and immediate condemnation of its rogue members’ actions if it wishes to retain its sterling reputation as a sensible advocate and source of sound advice and research on major transportation projects in the region.”

And, regardless of my expectations about how likely it was that FACT would “demand that [Michael] Proffitt and [Mike] Smariga resign their seats,” and that [Commissioner Paul] Smith should be barred from meetings for the remainder of his term,” I certainly expected the committee to raise and discuss either those options or, at least, some other means to express strong disapproval and hold the rogue members accountable.

Instead, the closest the discussion got to that was an apology from FACT president Carol Krimm, who said,“I want to apologize to FACT membership that the letter went out without our knowledge.”

After she said that, some members even took issue with the idea that she ought to make such an apology. And Mike Smariga, who drafted the letter, went further, taking some time to make a vigorous defense of the letter, both on process and content. He also noted: “I just drafted the letter,” and suggested that anything could have happened to the draft letter after that.

Of course, that statement suggests that he drafted it for a review and vote by the FACT membership, rather than simply handing it to FACT secretary, Michael Proffitt, who signed it and sent it to the Board of County Commissioners — again with no other FACT members knowing anything about it at all.

In fact, the only references to the News Post editorial were a dismissive and joking remark by Commissioner Paul Smith when he observed that he was “still here” (and had not been “barred from meetings for the remainder of his term”) and a smug comment by Howard Levine (who owns Ramar Moving Systems, Inc.), who said:

“They just want to attack FACT. If I had written the letter, they would have said I did it because I wanted to move everyone into the Monrovia Town Center.”

Krimm did make a motion that FACT “withdraw” the letter. But after some disagreement and debate, along with uncertainty about what that would mean, or if it was practically possible (since it is in the record, and the record is closed), the motion to withdraw the letter was tabled for further discussion at a future meeting.

The other item associated with the FACT letter was a proposal and discussion about establishing a new FACT “public comment policy.”

Here is the draft proposal as presented at the meeting:


(Click on the image to open a larger version.)

The conversation bounced around quite a bit. Through it all, however, some suggestions were made and discussed, including one to give the Executive Committee the ability to bypass the longer process above, and one changing “shall” to “should” in the statement that “A FACT officer or member as designated by the President shall attend the public meeting when a public comment is presented.”

In the end, there was no vote on that matter, either, and the decision was made to send to the draft policy to all members for their consideration, and further discussion at a future meeting.

During the wide-ranging discussion about the policy change, it was noteworthy that FACT president Krimm commented that “We are not assessing blame, anywhere. We are just putting in place a policy.”

FACTlogocolorThe meeting moved on to other items, including a short discussion about cleaning up the FACT membership list by removing a few individuals who had very rarely attended or participated, or once did but have not attended any meetings for a while, for various reasons.

To her credit, Carol Krimm made the suggestion that, in addition to cleaning up the membership list, FACT look to expand and diversify the committee. She even commented that it would be good to have someone from a group like RALE make a request to become a FACT member.

In the end, although no votes were taken and decisions made Monday morning, the meeting agenda, and the discussions by the members in attendance, covered some worthwhile ground, including an apology from President Krimm, consideration of a motion to withdraw the letter, establishing a process to avoid such things from happening in the future, initiating an effort to clean up the membership list, and the possibility of an expanded and more diverse committee…that might even include representatives from local citizens organizations.

And so, the most notable aspect of the meeting, the agenda and the discussions was the complete absence of any inquiry into the drafting and submission of the unapproved letter, and zero sense that anyone would be held responsible and accountable for it, now or later.

But if the president or other members of FACT think that there is no point in assigning blame, and no need for anyone to be accountable, and nothing more that needs to be done beyond following through on the items discussed at the June meeting, they should know that others will not be so willing to ignore the elephant in the room.

After all, it appears that two FACT members were involved in a very intentional and planned fraud, in which a major and controversial development and it’s BOCC supporters were being given cover by an inaccurate letter that traded on the credibility of a long-established and generally well respected committee whose members did not know about the letter, had not discussed it, did not vote on it and had no formal statements or findings in place about the subject (of the Monrovia Town Center).

Call it one thing or another, but by any name that is a purposeful and crafted deceit.

That is serious.

To quote from the News Post editorial:

“FACT has some rebuilding of its reputation to undertake, and Smith, Proffitt and Smariga have some questions to answer. Not only do we need to know how this happened and why FACT didn’t immediately react to this hijacking of its authority by two of its development-industry-connected members, we need to be assured it won’t happen again.

It’s not a criminal matter, and the state shouldn’t waste its time investigating this, as RALE has demanded, but, at the very least, FACT members must demand that Proffitt and Smariga resign their seats. For good measure, Smith should be barred from meetings for the remainder of his term.”

Michael Proffitt and Mike Smariga can not be treated as though they just made a modest mistake or an error in judgment.

And Paul Smith…and perhaps Blaine Young…can not and should not be let off the hook, either.

It’s incredible that Michael Proffitt and Mike Smariga would think that they could do this under the radar, without anyone following up, without real consequences. But, apparently, they did.

Now it is up to FACT to do the right thing.

If they don’t find a way to address this matter more seriously on their own, it may require sustained public attention and pressure.

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Rand Weinberg, an attorney for the developer, said the letter was a significant piece of evidence that spoke to residents’ concerns about road safety.

“FACT cares strictly and solely about funding for transportation,” Weinberg said. “If you want to fix … the existing problems in this corridor, it’s got to happen by way of private sector contribution.”

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