Farm Frederick’s First Volunteer Day This Saturday

This Saturday, at 10:30am, Farm Frederick, along with a handful of enthusiastic volunteers from the Frederick and Carver Communities are stepping out into the Carver Community Garden for the first time this season to do some weeding, mulching, planting, sign painting and talking about how we can work to improve the community’s access to healthy food.

The Carver Community (Farm Frederick’s first downtown project) is located on Lee Alley, off of Madison Street and across from Lincoln Elementary. The Community Garden is located directly behind the Community Center. Anyone wishing to volunteer should feel free to come out and help but remember to bring water. We’ll be providing donuts and water as well.

dougpowell1We need to till up some soil, pull weeds out of the ground, mulch in between beds and put some plants in the soil. I’ve also made about 12 wooden garden signs that I’d like the children to paint to add character and a personal touch to the garden. I’ve been so moved by how many people have offered their help and resources to this project.

Sue Leveille from the Common Market and Nick from Annapurna’s Kitchen donated some tomato plants. Mark Eyestone from Fox Haven Farm donated a large quantity of eggplant starts as well as some peppers, tomatoes and a bunch of onions. David Muns from the Frederick New Post Community Garden donated a bunch of tomato and squash starts as well as a box of seeds. Jude Swafford and his family donated a lawn mower and 150′ of wire fencing including fence posts. Jack Sincevich drove me to the dump in his pick up to grab a ton of compost. It’s just been amazing! Thank you so much to everyone who has come together to help me gather the resources necessary to make this project a success.

As an organization, we at Farm Frederick hope to inspire the growth of food and communities in the downtown area and due to the out poor of help that we’ve received with the Carver Community Garden Project thus far, I have a good feeling that we’re on our way to doing just that.

dougpowell2This morning I met with David Muns from the FNP Community Garden, which is located just outside of the downtown area. Their garden is beautiful and David is a great guy who’s incredibly passionate, friendly and knowledgeable. After talking to him for a bit I can see another need in the food system that Farm Frederick can help to meet.

This need stems from a common question and that question is always “What the hell do I do with all of these vegetables every season?!” Every season, whether you’re a home gardeners, have a community garden plot or are a commercial farmer you’re faced with the problem of overages at some point. Farm Frederick is starting a program to help be the intermediary and bring garden overages to organizations and communities that are in need of healthy food.

If you’re with an organization who’s mission is to provide healthy food to those in need or if you are a farmer or gardener who doesn’t know what to do with all of your extra food, please contact Doug at We’d love to find ways to help.

Hope to see you all out at the Carver Garden this Saturday. If you can’t make it, it’s ok… there will be plenty of opportunities for you to volunteer your time toward this project. Take care everyone.

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