Fracking could come to Frederick County!

Back in May I found out that hydraulic fracturing, commonly known as fracking, could come to Frederick County. Fracking is a dangerous form of gas drilling that has polluted air and water in other states across the country, and has been linked to a range of health problems from asthma to cancer. While many in Maryland think that fracking could only happen in Garrett County, there are a total of five gas basins across the state, including two here in Frederick County, that could be targeted for fracking.

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(click on the map to open a larger version)

Maryland currently has a moratorium on fracking, but that could change by next October, when the moratorium expires. Gov. Hogan’s administration is busy preparing regulations to allow fracking to begin at that time, despite the fact that hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific studies have shown any form of regulations to be incapable of addressing the inherent dangers of fracking.

After learning that fracking could happen in Frederick, I, along with others, started working to pass a ban on fracking in the county, as there is no doubt in my mind that fracking would have devastating impacts on our county and its residents. We have gathered petitions and endorsements from local businesses, and contacted our representatives on the County Council.

The council, led by President Bud Otis, seems content to wait until state regulations are issued to take action on this issue. That would be a huge mistake. In order to protect Frederick County and the state of Maryland from fracking, we need to ban this dangerous practice before it starts.

Several local jurisdictions have already done so this year, including Prince George’s County and the town of Friendsville in Garrett County. The Frederick County Council should take action immediately to ban fracking in the county, before it’s too late.

This was originally published here as a Letter to the Editor of the Frederick News Post.

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