Frederick County Homeless Students Initiative fundraiser this weekend

EDITOR’S NOTE: Please also see this excellent earlier column from Amy Draper (March 21, 2014) about how “SHIP” got started and organized: “Students Homelessness Initiative Program (SHIP) sets sail in Frederick County.”

Created in November 2013, the Frederick County Homeless Students Initiative, or “SHIP.” is a non-profit community organization that addresses the urgent needs of the hundreds of Frederick County students encountering homelessness.


Working in partnership with and as an extension of Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS) Student Services and FCPS’s countywide network of community liaisons, SHIP seeks to:

    • provide emergency and short term support in the form of temporary housing, food, and clothing for those in need

    • assist families in navigating and accessing available community services

    • collaborate with other organizations to avoid duplication of effort and to improve the community for all families and children

Our Steering Committee members include:

Liz Barrett
Melinda Dawson
Catherine Campinos
MaryLynn Hinde
Ed Hinde
Mark Jafari
Virginia Strnad
Dave Twigg
Dwaine Robbins
Elin Ross

SHIP is currently recruiting volunteers and committee members to further organize support in anticipation of what is expected to be a very busy 2014-2015 school year. With the escalating number of students identified as homeless, SHIP needs support to help ensure that these children are afforded the most basic and fundamental of human needs, while being able to remain in school despite their difficult situations.

This Sunday (June 8th), SHIP is having Bingo/Silent Auction event at Orioles Nest #331 on the west side of Frederick City. Some wonderful prizes have been assembled from a great group of contributors and sponsors. All funds raised will go to SHIP’s working committees to provide clothing, food and extracurricular activities for our children.

Many thanks to Community Connections Networking and the Oriole’s Nest for organizing this for us.


Sunday, June 8, 2014
11:00am to 4:40pm


Oriole’s Nest #331
1037A West Patrick Street
Frederick, MD 21702

(301) 668-5668

Doors open at 11:00am. Bingo starts at 1:00pm. Silent auction items will be on display for bidding from 11:00am until 4:15pm . Auction bids will be tallied and winners called at 4:30pm. (If you don’t play bingo we will have 50/50’s going on and tip jars.)

(You can stay and have dinner or drinks afterward.)

Please plan to all attend!

To donate any Silent Auction items please contact Peggy Magnanelli at (240) 674-8585


If you are interested in learning more about SHIP, please see our Facebook page (search Frederick County Homeless Students Initiative). You can also email us at or call us at (240) 415-8971.


Our website is currently under development.

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