Frederick Urban Design Meetup hosts innovator George Koch this Friday afternoon

When it comes to planning and development, it is short-sighted and not helpful to ignore what we can learn from what is happening in many other places — and not tailor good ideas and successful initiatives to the opportunities and challenges we have here in Frederick.

With that in mind, the Frederick Urban Design Meetup was started the beginning of 2015.

There have been more than a dozen discussions and events, and now more than a hundred people, so far. are plugged in and paying attention to a myriad of quality of life issues.

There is a great number and diversity of people who have great expertise, success stories and amazing ideas to share here. And many of them are able and willing to come to Frederick to share their knowledge and experience…and enthusiasm.

This week on Friday, Dec. 18 at 1:30pm at the Parish Room at All Saints’ Episcopal Church in downtown Frederick (106 West Church Street) we have another significant guest visiting — George Koch, of The Center for the Creative Economy


One key to all of this is finding a nominal amount of resources to bring together a consistent audience of those eager to hear and see what is working elsewhere, and who are willing to think anew about applying them creatively in Frederick. Also, we are fortunate to be in an metropolitan area where it is easy to take short journeys to see examples of the good, the bad and the ugly, and to explore how we we can use what we learn from them to better shape our communities.

We need to get collaborators, sponsors and/or grants to provide for reasonable travel expenses, honorariums, venues, food and, when necessary, lodging. Also, to build a broad range of interests we need efficient and effective ways to get the word out to more people — particularly disaffected citizens, who care about the issues, but too often think their concerns and ideas don’t or can’t affect the public policy making process.

After all, knowledge is power!

Please think about how we might better accomplish this and share your ideas.

Feel free to email me with any thoughts or questions:


Center for the Creative Economy on the web

kockart264The Center for the Creative Economy (CCE) is a non-profit startup established to be a strong voice for all creatives, form strong bonds between creative clusters, and produce a reformed and strong creative economy in the District of Columbia. The Center provides a forum designed to provide access to creative thought leaders and encourage dialogue about the DC, national, and global creative economy. The Center collaborated with TEDxWDC to produce presentations by 26 creative economy thought leaders which you can watch here:

The Center for the Creative Economy on Twitter

George Kock on Twitter

From the Frederick Urban Design Meetup page:

“Let’s create an academic free space to explore different options to make new development and redevelopment as good or better than our existing city, towns, villages and hamlets that are already here in Frederick. Just like war is too important to be left to the generals, planning and design are too important for the citizens not to be fully engaged. This group can learn from the many communities around the world that are doing amazing things. We can find a place to have face-to-face conversations, share a common library and allow interaction with visiting students and others. We can bring in world class speakers to inspire us with successes, and we can take group tours of places to experience on the ground different scenarios. Community building is the most exciting thing that citizens can take part in and shape. It is not as boring as reading the phone book or attending long, adversarial fait accompli board meetings. So let’s get together, have healthy dreaming sessions and debates and let the best ideas win — no matter who or where they come from!”