Good News, Bad News, and an opportunity for ACTION on Fracking in Annapolis!

The campaign to ban fracking in Maryland has been heating up for months, and now that we’re into the legislative session, the fight is more urgent than ever. We’ve had many historic successes, along with a couple new obstacles. Here’s the update.

First, the good news: legislation to permanently ban fracking in Maryland has been introduced in Annapolis, with more support than ever before! 23 Senators and 67 Delegates have sponsored the legislation.

Now some not so good news: a terrible bill that would allow fracking starting in 2019 was also introduced in the state Senate.

This new “fracking in 2019” bill is exactly what the gas industry is looking for: time for gas prices to rise, and for more pipelines and the Cove Point export terminal to be built, followed by a drilling bonanza in Maryland. We need to stop this disastrous bill and pass a permanent fracking ban instead.

Momentum is on our side, but we can’t let up now. We’ve passed over a dozen locals bans and resolutions across the state, and organized hundreds of businesses, health professionals, and local elected officials to oppose fracking. Now it’s time to focus all of our efforts on legislators in Annapolis.

The oil and gas industry is working hard to bring fracking to Maryland. They’ve spent huge sums of money on slick radio ads and robocalls, and are lobbying in Annapolis every day. Without sufficient pressure from their constituents, legislators could decide to take the easy way out instead of truly protecting Maryland. It’s going to take Marylanders coming together and fighting for a fracking ban with everything we’ve got.

That’s why hundreds of people from across the state are coming to Annapolis on March 2nd. We’re organizing a massive march and rally to demand legislators ban fracking in Maryland now.

This is shaping up to be the biggest anti-fracking action ever held in Maryland, and we have buses coming from six different counties across the state: Garrett, Allegany, Frederick, Baltimore, Montgomery and Prince George’s. You definitely don’t want to miss it.

Our people-powered movement has kept fracking out of Maryland for years, but if we don’t pass a permanent ban in the next two months, Governor Hogan could start issuing permits later this year. Now is the time to get off the sidelines and join the fight. We need as many people as possible in Annapolis on March 2 to show our legislators just how strong the movement for a ban is, and that we won’t settle for less.

Join the March on Annapolis to Ban Fracking Now!

See you in the streets!

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