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When I was a small child, one of my favorite things was when my mother read to me, or when we went to the library. The books sparked my imagination and opened up magical, colorful worlds I could roam in my mind — worlds I wouldn’t have known. Books fed my imagination like nothing else.

As I got older, books and reading became an “addiction.” I always had the company of a book or something else to read. I read newspapers, comic books, magazines, cereal boxes and books. I couldn’t get enough.

My mother often encouraged me to put down the book I was reading and go outside for some fresh air and playtime with my friends. I managed to find time to “play” and soak up the sunshine and outdoors, but even then you might have found me sitting under a tree somewhere, curled up with my book, reading and absorbing new ideas and adventures. I read everything voraciously, even the encyclopedia and the dictionary!!

literacycouncilimagesmallI am so grateful my mother believed reading was important and encouraged it in many different ways. In doing so, she gave me the key to a solid educational foundation. She also gave me the priceless gift of being a life-long reader and learner.

Reading is often the key to success for children as they enter and navigate the educational system. Reading also offers an escape to a bigger world when the difficulties of life crowd in. Reading books broadens one’s perspective about many challenges and issues in our lives. Books can offer joy when one is sad, and even laughter when it is needed.

A book can spark the desire to find out more about a particular subject, which can lead to something else and then something more. Books and reading are solid gifts parents can give their children — gifts that never stop giving throughout one’s life.


The Literacy Council of Frederick County, whose mission is to teach literacy skills to native English speakers, and English as a second language to newcomers to our country, works primarily with adult students in a one-on-one situation.

Once each year, the Literacy Council reaches out to the younger members of the community through a holiday book drive.

curiousiguana300wThis year, in partnership with the Curious Iguana (12 N. Market St.), the Council is hoping to collect at last 250 books to benefit the students enrolled in Frederick County’s Head Start program.

The drive runs from November 15th through December 15th and will accept only new books aimed at three to four year old children. Books may be purchased and dropped at the Literacy Council office (110 E. Patrick St.) or at the Curious Iguana (12 N Market Street) in Frederick. The books will be distributed to the children before Christmas.

Please consider donating a favorite childhood book, and encourage reading in another child. Help pass along the gift of reading!

This is an easy way to give back and to make a difference in a small child’s life.

To learn more or to ask any questions, please contact 301-600-2066 or email

You can visit our website and/or “like” us on Facebook (links below).

Thank you!

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