Inauguration of county executive and council ushers in charter government

It’s official.

Whether you supported the change to a charter form of government or not, it has arrived. And whether you supported the majority of the last Board of County Commissioners or not, they are gone.

Yesterday, Frederick County ushered in charter government with the inauguration of Jan Gardner as the first county executive, and the inauguration of Bud Otis, Billy Shreve, Tony Chmelik, Jerry Donald, MC Keegan-Ayer, Jessica Fitzwater and Kirby Delauter as the seven members of the first county council.

Included below for you are links to the FCG-TV video of the Swearing-In Ceremony, a direct link to the swearing in of Jan Gardner as county executive and her speech, the program for the Swearing-In Ceremony, a link to the FCG-TV video of the first (and short) meeting of the new county council, the agenda for that first meeting, a few links to local news coverage of the ceremony and the council meeting, and a link to the adopted Frederick County Charter.

photo by Diane Fink

Clerk of the Circuit Court, Sandra Dalton, administering the oath of office to County Executive Jan Gardner, in the company of her husband John Gardner and other relatives (not shown) — photo by Diane Fink

Click the image below to open the FCG-TV video of the entire Swearing-In Ceremony. (For some reason, the video is almost three hours long. But the ceremony is the first two hours, and you can move ahead or back in the video as you like.)


For your convenience, here is a portion of the video that begins with the swearing in of Jan Gardner and runs only though the end of her inaugural speech.

For the record, here is the program for this historic Swearing-In Ceremony.


Approximately two hours after the Swearing-In Ceremony, the new county council held its first meeting, in the first floor hearing room at Winchester Hall. The entire meeting lasted only 36 minutes, but if you only watch the first few minutes you can see the nominations and votes that selected Bud Otis as president of the council, and MC Keegan-Ayer as vice president.


Here is the basic and short agenda for the first meeting, including a few “new business items,” some of which were tabled and will be discussed at the next meeting, scheduled for Tuesday, December 16th.



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Click here or on the image below to download the Adopted Frederick County Charter (as a pdf file).