Interfaith Housing Alliance wins the Blue Hair Challenge!

hughblue280wIt’s probably not often that someone is proud or happy that they lost a public challenge. I am happy…..even though I’m blue…….well my hair is.

I’m happy that Kai Hagen (the Director of Envision Frederick County) and I were able to raise some money for the Interfaith Housing Alliance (IHA) while expanding our community’s awareness of the need for affordable housing and the work that the IHA does to put a dent into addressing the problem. The need has been identified as the greatest basic human need in this region.

In 26 years IHA has been able to put roofs over the heads of 1,300 individuals, families, and seniors, providing stability and security and yet that number only scratches the surface of the problem.

The donations that were raised as part of the Challenge — just shy of $4,000.00 — will be used to increase capacity so that we are able to consider additional opportunities to provide additional roofs, supportive services, and programs for new communities or expanding supportive services in existing communities. It cannot be overstated how important undesignated revenue can be for a non-profit with IHA’s mission.


The Challenge was creative, original (as far as we know), but mostly, it was a lot of fun. Our goal would be to find new challengers in 2017. We envision four to eight people challenging each other and growing the event. If you have an interest in participating we hope you would reach out to let either Kai or me know.

A huge thank you goes out to Kai Hagen for planting the seeds that bloomed into the Challenge. Thanks for accepting the challenge……but mostly thanks for reaching out to your network and getting all of your friends and associates to donate.

Thanks goes out to everyone that participated in the fun and donated to the Challenge. The Board of Directors and the staff of IHA cannot thank everyone enough that participated in the fun and donated to the Challenge. You have made a difference in your community.

The Blue Hair Challenge is over. The challenge to provide affordable housing is not. If we are able to permanently make a few more blue lives less blue, a little temporary dying of my hair to blue, is a small price to pay.


Interfaith Housing Alliance on the web

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Audio of my Eye on our Community discussion with Hugh Gordon, the Vice President of Development at the Interfaith Housing Alliance

…about “The Blue Hair Fundraiser” and the work of IHA.

Taking the Blue Hair Challenge to support the Interfaith Housing Alliance
by Kai Hagen
October 3, 2016

The Blue Hair Challenge on the web

The Blue Hair Challenge on Facebook