Jenny Willoughby: New Sustainability Manager for the City of Frederick

As I ponder all my Earth Days past, all the trash collected, all the trees planted, all the streams monitored on this day for the 23 years I’ve been in this field, I can’t help but think of my efforts multiplied by millions across the nation. And that collective eagerness makes me want to keep doing it.

As the City of Frederick’s new Sustainability Manager, I hope to bring elements of sustainability to new development, such as porous pavement in parking areas, and to support existing sustainable actions, such as multi-use paths as alternative transit corridors.

jennywilloughby300wOver the next year or so, I will be working on a Sustainability Master Plan for the City of Frederick. The Plan will highlight existing actions, set baselines, and establish specific goals. I also will be leading the Green Initiatives Team (GIT), which was established to promote sustainable actions and environmentally-responsible initiatives throughout the community. Through a survey conducted by the GIT last year, the City learned that safe bike and pedestrian routes were rated high among the most important to residents. Also of high importance were water quality and pet waste reduction. This survey has already helped guide the City in prioritizing a few actions.

The City applied for and received the $20,000 grant from Chesapeake Bay Trust to study the best ways to reach the public regarding pet waste pickup. It will help the City better understand how to specifically target and educate pet owners who do not regularly pick up after their critters. That study will be completed by fall 2014.

The City has made headway in completing the multi-use path that will connect Baker and Waterford parks and to encourage more bicycle use on City streets by adding sharrows and bike lanes. I plan to encourage these efforts and assist with grant funding whenever necessary to complete safe bike and ped corridors as well as mass transit for alternative commuting options.

These are just a few of the projects—there are many others. I look forward to working with all the departments, residents, and others to create a more sustainable Frederick, from parks to parking lots.

Carroll Creek sunrise (by Jenny Wiloughby)

Carroll Creek sunrise (by Jenny Wiloughby)

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Excerpted “From the Desk of Mayor Randy McClement

City residents will be seeing a lot of Jenny Willoughby who recently joined the Planning Department as the City’s new Sustainability Manager. Jenny’s primary goal is to create a sustainability master plan for the City to guide short and long term actions. Having once served as senior communications specialist for the Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin educating the public about stormwater issues, Jenny is a tremendous resource to the City. Recently, Jenny and her husband returned to the Frederick area after working for two years with the Department of Natural Resources in Alaska.