Just 10 of the reasons to vote against Blaine Young

Editor’s Note: The following was submitted by Lesli as a Letter to the Editor of the Frederick News Post on April 16th. She received an automatic “receipt” for the letter, but it was not published.

There are so many reasons why Blaine Young should never be elected to any public office ever again in Frederick County. Here are a few.

10. Blaine Young gutted the county’s Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance, opening the door to overcrowded schools and more congested roads.

9. Blaine Young rewarded his contributors and ignored sound planning by zoning thousands of acres of farms and forest for sprawling development, even though the county already had enough land designated and zoned to accommodate 25 years of projected population growth.


8. Blaine led the charge to zero out funding to human service non-profit agencies, ending decades of partnerships that efficiently and effectively assist the most vulnerable in our community.

7. So far, Blaine has given away almost $200 million in future property tax revenues to developers! instead of making development pay its way. That money would have gone to schools, police, fire, and all county services that will still have to be paid for, by the rest.

blainefinger260x1756. Blaine frequently mistreats the public during public hearings, then further denigrates them on his radio show. He even gave the finger to a former county commissioner testifying at a public hearing.

5. Blaine abruptly ended the county’s support for Head Start, in the middle of a term, resulting in fewer students in the program and fewer students entering kindergarten ready to learn.

4. Despite what he says, Blaine is a big spender. After being reduced two years in a row, the county budget has gone up all four years he’s been in office, and the last two budgets have set new records as the largest in county history. He claims smaller government, but has replaced county employees with more costly private contracts. Now we are paying more for less.

3. Blaine raised taxes. Taxes were increased when the fire tax rate was combined with the property tax rate. Residents in Walkersville, Thurmont, Lewistown, Middletown, and Brunswick had their taxes raised 4.8 cents or 5 percent with no increase in service while the citizens in Mt. Airy and Sabillasville had their taxes raised by 12.8 cents or 15%. Only developers have seen an actual tax cut.

citizensfrontview260x1752. Blaine led the charge to approve the sale of Citizens Care and Rehabilitation Center and the Montevue Home at a huge financial loss to county taxpayers, going back on his commitment to giving the new facility time to meet projections, and ending our community’s long standing history of taking care of the indigent elderly.

1. Blaine Young verbally assaulted and cussed out a 17 year old high school referee. He is an embarrassment to the people of Frederick County.

We can’t stand another four years of his destructive policies and embarrassing behavior. We have a choice! Jan Gardner will bring back to county government civility, professionalism, and reasoned leadership.