Letter to council regarding the Monrovia Town Center and the Frederick County Comprehensive Plan

EXCERPT: No reasonable person could find the Monrovia Town Center is consistent with the purpose and intent of the Frederick County Comprehensive Plan!

From: Brent Simmons
Date: August 24, 2015
To: BOtis@FrederickCountyMD.gov, MCKeegan-Ayer@FrederickCountyMD.gov, JFitzwater@FrederickCountyMD.gov, JDonald@FrederickCountyMD.gov, KDelauter@FrederickCountyMD.gov, Billy@FrederickCountyMD.gov, TChmelik@FrederickCountyMD.gov
Cc: JGardner@FrederickCountyMD.gov
Subject: Frederick County Comprehensive Plan

Council Members,

As you continue to deliberate the Monrovia Town Center (MTC) and the associated Route 75 Corridor Improvements, please consider the following:

What is the purpose and intent of the Frederick County Comprehensive Plan,(FCCP)?


Here are a few excerpts from the Introduction to the FCCP: http://frederickcountymd.gov/DocumentCenter/Home/View/14781

  • “Throughout these transitions Frederick County has remained rooted in its rural and agricultural heritage that continue to support its rural communities…”
  • “Looking ahead 50 years, Frederick County faces the challenge of maintaining its rural and agricultural heritage and it’s sense of community…”
  • “… to accommodate and focus growth in a manner that maintains our rural areas and strengthens our communities.”
    • ƒ Provide a framework for maintaining the County’s places with a distinct and common sense of community.

No reasonable person could find the MTC PUD is consistent with this purpose and intent of the FCCP!

For two plus years of hearings, the communities of Monrovia, Ijamsville, Kemptown, New Market and Mount Airy have made this obvious; beyond any doubt!

The MTC PUD will destroy these rural communities!


In fact, Ordinance 10-05-540, adopted in concurrence with the adoption of the current FCCP in April 2010, states on page 6:

“WHEREAS, the BOCC finds that PUD zoning on the 75-80 Property is not consistent with the newly adopted Comprehensive Plan for Frederick County.”


And finally, Jim Gugel stated at a 2015 Lake Linganore Town Hall meeting, (of which most of you were present):

  • “The FCCP text needs to be updated to correct the inconsistencies with the (2012) amended zoning maps.”

The 2012 amended zoning maps should never have been adopted if they are inconsistent with the current Comprehensive Plan!!

The correction should not be to the FCCP text. The correction should be the reversal of the 2012 amended zoning maps!!

Please consider these facts in your determination:

  • The MTC PUD is not consistent with the Frederick County Comprehensive Plan.
  • The MTC PUD should never have been approved by the prior Board of County Commissioners and/or the Planning Commission.

If I may be of further assistance, please contact me.

Brent W. Simmons


Related information and resources are available on the Frederick County website (including the entire 2010 Frederick County Comprehensive Plan, which you can download as a pdf file):

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