MONDAY: Planning Commission Public Hearing on the Livable Frederick Master Plan

winchesterhallOn Monday evening (at 7:00pm), the Frederick County Planning Commission is having an important public hearing to take public commentary about the Livable Frederick Master Plan.

This important comprehensive planning process began more than two years ago, and a great deal of work has been done to get to this point, including five recent outreach events or open houses (one in each council district). You can read/download the current draft here!

There are still a few steps remaining in this process, including a review by the State or Maryland, perhaps a second Planning Commission hearing (depending in whether or not substantive changes are made between the hearing on Monday before it’s approval), and a separate process with the County Council (including an undetermined number of workshops and another public hearing).


Click here to open or download the draft Livable Frederick Master Plan!

Below is a letter from County Executive Jan Gardner that is published near the front of the draft plan, and offers some perspective, and below it are a few more links about Livable Frederick:

A Letter from the County Executive

Dear Citizens,

For decades, Frederick County has grappled with questions about how and where we should
grow as a community. Livable Frederick presents a new approach to answering these questions. The purpose of the Livable Frederick Comprehensive Plan is to identify what citizens value about Frederick County, to build on citizens’ shared vision, and to lay out a framework for growth that allows us to retain those elements that make Frederick so special.

Livable Frederick is about growing the county well. The process has been vision-focused, not zoning driven as in years past. This dynamic approach has allowed us to move beyond contentious topics and instead focus on putting in place the community’s vision for a sustainable, high quality of life over the next 10 to 25 years. This plan considers how people will want to live, work and recreate. It links transportation, public health, and jobs to land use decisions, and considers what we want to preserve for future generations. Frederick County residents have expressed a strong desire to ensure the future viability of agriculture and the protection of our environment and historic and cultural assets. Throughout the process, the county has actively sought engagement from the community through surveys, social media, steering committee meetings, and other outreach methods.

The final result is a Comprehensive Plan document that reflects the community’s vision and sets the stage for an equitable, sustainable, healthy, and most of all Livable Frederick County. Now it is up to all of us to take action and implement the plan.

Jan H. Gardner
Frederick County Executive

Original press release about Livable Frederick (October 29, 2015):
Executive Gardner Launches Dynamic Approach to Long-Range Planning Called “Livable Frederick”

Public Information Briefing with County Executive, Jan Gardner: Livable Frederick (VIDEO)


Envision Frederick County
Livable Frederick: A New and Dynamic Approach to Comprehensive Planning
BY David Whitaker
November 2, 2015

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