Facts on county budget, please

Frederick News Post
Bob White
Enough misdirection is enough! Citizens deserve facts about the county budget, not hazy self-serving propaganda. ... The Young board has cut over 200 fees and taxes — primarily to benefit of the development and building industry. Most county taxpayers will not experience a benefit from these fee reductions. In many instances, there are still county costs to cover development review and inspection of projects. These costs have been shifted to the backs of county taxpayers. This means the taxpayer is now paying for the cost of permits and inspection for development projects that previously have been covered by user fees. The public deserves facts, not fiction about the budget and taxes. Look at your recently mailed property tax bill. Look at the annual county budget summaries. Spending and your tax bills have gone up! I guess this is the Young board just doing what it promised!

Wrongheaded suggestion

Frederick News Post
Bob White
Frederick County Commissioner Billy Shreve's suggestion for reverse bidding on properties seeking agricultural preservation funding possibly could save the county some money. However, as with many of the cuts and changes in county programs made by this board, it seems to reflect only a desire to appear to save money ... and no consideration for the intent of the program.

Young: Growth-friendly shake-up coming to Frederick County Planning Commission

Frederick News Post
Bethany Rodgers
[Blaine] Young offered a prediction Tuesday of change in the new year. "I can guarantee you, in July, you're going to have a drastically different planning commission," Young said during a commissioners meeting. Next summer, the terms of planning board members Catherine Forrence and Robert White -- both of whom have opposed the county commissioners' efforts to revisit the county's comprehensive plan -- will expire.

Frederick commissioners eye change to building approvals

Move would allow developers to bypass planning commissioner on growth-control measures
Katherine Heerbrandt
Builders in Frederick County soon might be able to bypass the appointed body that normally approves development, and instead ask elected officials if their plans meet growth standards.

Drawing the line: Residents, developers turn out to voice opinions on rezoning

Frederick News Post
Pete McCarthy
A mixed crowd of residents -- featuring those wanting to slow growth in their neighborhoods and those ready to build -- was out Wednesday night for the first public hearing of the Frederick County Planning Commission to discuss rewriting the county's land-use plan.