Catoctin Forest Alliance showcases achievements

Frederick News Post
Kelsi Loos
Organizers hope that a public meeting covering the Catoctin Forest Alliance’s accomplishments will spur membership. The alliance invited the public Sunday to Thurmont Regional Library to listen to speakers and learn from displays detailing projects in the park. Guests could also enjoy folk music and art inspired by the Catoctin Mountain Park. “We’re trying to elicit help from those who might be interested in the same things we are,” alliance secretary Linda Sundergill said. The goal of the Catoctin Forest Alliance is to support Catoctin Mountain and Cunningham Falls parks in any way possible, said conservation and education committee chairwoman Elizabeth Prongas.

Author Richard Louv’s vision is ‘nature rich’

Saving our children and ourselves through nature is theme of conference
Katherine Heerbrandt
In author Richard Louv’s world, cities would produce their own energy and most of their own food, people would feel more alive and less stressed, and antidepressants and other pharmaceuticals would be replaced with the healing properties of nature.