Opposition threatens Chesapeake Bay cleanup plan

Washington Post
Darryl Fears
The embattled Chesapeake Bay cleanup plan is being hit by opponents from both the left and right. A pair of liberal watchdog groups struck it with a lawsuit last month seeking to erase one of the plan’s key programs — nutrient trading. They support the overall cleanup plan but call nutrient trading a “pay to pollute” program that departs from the spirit of the Clean Water Act, enacted 40 years ago this fall.

Potomac named most endangered river

Group says agricultural and urban factors are contributing to pollution
Frederick News Post
Courtney Pomeroy
The Potomac River has been named the most endangered river in the country. American Rivers, a nonprofit environmental group headquartered in Washington, annually releases a list of the nation's top 10 at-risk rivers. The 2012 list, released today, says agricultural and urban factors are contributing to the Potomac's pollution. Hedrick Belin, president of the Potomac Conservancy, noted that the federal Clean Water Act of 1972 has helped the river come a long way in the last 40 years. "But now is really not the time to turn our backs," he said. "Now is (the) time to finish the job."